Free Sample WSDL URL For WebService Testing

Here are some sample WSDL URL for web-services testing. This will be great help to people who want to try out SOAP web-services. The most popular tool for SOAP/Rest service testing is SoapUI, which is available for free. Download and try out some of the below URL's.

1. Global Weather: This global Weather is quite popular, and it will generate two request - GetCitiesByCountry and GetWeather. First try get the predefined cities by country and then do a get weather.

2. Currency converter: Another simple service to start with. The inputs are string format like USD, GBP, INR, etc. Open the wsdl in a browser to see all the currencies allowed.

3. Get Stock Quotes: This has three API as below -
GetQuote: The result is current stock quote, with other information like DayHigh, DayLow, StockVolume, OpenAmount, etc.
GetQuickQuote: The result is just the stock price.
GetQuoteDataSet: Response is stock information in a dataset.

4. City Weather by zip code, for US only. API's are GetCityForecastByZIP - get City Forecast Over the Next 7 Days, GetCityWeatherByZIP - get current City’s Weather.

5. Country Information Service: Not only information related to a country but lot of API's to work with including ListOfContinentsByName, ListOfCountryNamesByName, ListOfCurrenciesByCode, ListOfCountryNamesGroupedByContinent, etc. you can do a lot of test scenarios with this WSDL.

6. Number conversion: Simple API's with only 2 request - NumberToDollars and NumberToWords.